Super Dooper Testimonials

Maggie Mae stick run r2.jpg

Maggie & Tim & Sally

We are grateful for the amazing dog training experience we had with Pat with our Maggie Mae. She knew exactly what we needed to help with our pup's separation anxiety. Maggie excelled in agility training and learning good manners made for one happy dog and family. We highly recommend Super Dooper Dog Training, right Maggie? "Ruff Ruff!," we think that means YES!

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Trebek & Whitney

Seriously, thanks for EVERYTHING! Could not have asked for a better experience in getting our certification! I would never have imagined when I brought that little 12 week old puppy into his 1st Super Dooper class that we would become a Therapy Team! What a crazy ride! 

I'm just ecstatic about our accomplishment! Pretty sure I've told everyone I know... And it's only been like 18 hours! Lol






Rylee & Kara & Nathan

Super Dooper Dog Training is the best! We rescued our dog and immediately wanted to sign up for some training for obedience. She was a bit rambunctious and we needed some help in learning how to respond to her correctly! Pat and Patti both trained us through Super Good Manners 1 and 2 classes and now we're signed up for a more advanced obedience class. They do such a great job of giving hands-on training directed at the owners instead of the dogs, which is such a great way to handle dog training. They personalize their instruction to each individual dog and situation and truly make it so much fun! Our sweet dog has come a long way since we started at SDDT and we're so thankful for such excellent training and to have found an awesome community of dog lovers who are great friends now!


Olive and holly

"We love Patti and all she has taught us. Oliver is becoming a well behaved puppy. We look forward to taking more classes with Patti. She is enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her."


Zurie & Kelly

“Coming to class is the highlight of my week. It’s so much fun!”


Pat & George

George was three years old when I got him but he had such a wonderful disposition I knew he would make a great therapy dog. He had fairly good manners but was weak on responding to commands. We worked with Pat at Super Dooper for a couple of months for him to develop some confidence and hone his skills. He learned quickly and a good deal of credit goes to Pat for being so good at reading him. We passed the test first time out, thanks for all your help Pat!!


Paris & Diogi & Deanne & Richard

I found much more than what I was looking for when I found Super Dooper Dog Training! Learning to have a well behaved companion was one thing. Building a relationship with my dogs was what these classes were all about, and much more valuable. Highly recommend Super Dooper Dog Training!


Mocca and rachel

Mocca and I have been doing therapy visits a few times a month.  We go to an assisted living facility for mentally disabled and a women's shelter where we get to visit kids; Mocca loves it.  Mocca says hi!