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Therapy Dog Training?

Dooper and Pat as well as many of Super Dooper Dog Training graduates do Therapy Dog visitations, mostly at the local hospitals, schools and senior centers. You will find these teams doing their magic all over the hospitals; waiting rooms, therapy departments, emergency areas, staff stations and patients rooms.

why join a therapy dog organization?

There are several Therapy Dog Organizations in Georgia but Super Dooper Dog Training really loves this one group the most, The Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

You want to join a Therapy Dog Group because once you pass their stringent requirements and tests they insure you and your dog under their insurance policy. Also, they can be your mentors and have a working relationship with facilities, schools, libraries and hospitals you may already be interested in visiting on your Therapy Dog visits. These are four popular organizations that Super Dooper Dog Training trains you for; with Alliance of Therapy Dogs being their favorite.

therapy dog gus and children's reading program


"Gus loves volunteering and he knows something special is happening as soon as I put on his working bandana. His time at the Library begins as soon as he walks through the doors to check in with the Librarian.  Children begin following him to the children's area where I put down his special blanket so the children can sit with him.  The children like reading to Gus because he is non-judgmental in their reading skills. He doesn't get in their space as they read instead, he lies next to them so they can pet him as he "listens" to the story. Gus also loves it when the Mom's ask to take his picture with their children!" Nancy


We train you and your dog to pass therapy dog testing.

We get you ready for real visits by practicing good manners lessons, use wheelchairs, canes and walkers, work around kids and older adults, practice at outdoor stores, parks and dog-friendly places and work indoors at our studio. 

Also, we try to make it fun learning and mix up class with doing agility, maybe going swimming at the lake or letting the dogs have supervised playtime during class. 

cost of training

It’s affordable because we don’t ever want money to get in the way of creating another therapy dog team! The cost of Therapy Dog training is very customized at Super Dooper Dog Training, it can be as little as one lesson or several, but its all fun and worthwhile.