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Pat and Dooper

we are experts in therapy dog training because of our experience!

Our true passion lies in this training!


What is a therapy dog?


Dooper, Pat and many of their Super Dooper Dog Training graduates do Therapy Dog visitations. You will find these teams doing their magic at hospitals, schools, Veterans and Senior facilities. The whole purpose of a therapy dog team is friendly saying hello, easing the stress of others or helping to brighten someones day.

Alliance of therapy dogs

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Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Pat and Dooper not only volunteer as a therapy team but also are official Tester/Observers (T/Os) in both Utah and Georgia for them.

Why Join a Therapy Dog organization Like Alliance of Therapy Dogs


Joining an organized Therapy Dog group like Alliance of Therapy Dogs gives you mentors. Plus, they’ve already done the hard work of cementing solids visiting relationships with facilities, such as: schools, libraries and hospitals. Here are three of the most popular groups in the Atlanta area:


  • Alliance of Therapy Dogs with over 16,000+ members across America

  • Happy Tails Pet Assisted Therapy an Atlanta-area based group

  • Therapy Dogs International (TDI) is across Amercia


cost of training and Alliance of Therapy Dog testing



Pat dreams of having an Army of Therapy Dogs teams out there making magic happen. So prep-training is extremely affordable!

It may take only one class or maybe a couple of classes to evaluate and prepare. During this time, you learn important skills like how to visit around bedsides, wheelchairs and other medical equipment and what to commonly experience on therapy visits.

Pat and Dooper’s experience is invaluable!


The Testing for Alliance of Therapy Dogs is totally FREE! Pat and Dooper do this in a volunteer capacity so its totally free.

therapy dog gus and children's reading program


"Gus loves volunteering and he knows something special is happening as soon as I put on his working bandana. His time at the Library begins as soon as he walks through the doors to check in with the Librarian.  Children begin following him to the children's area where I put down his special blanket so the children can sit with him.  The children like reading to Gus because he is non-judgmental in their reading skills. He doesn't get in their space as they read instead, he lies next to them so they can pet him as he "listens" to the story. Gus also loves it when the Mom's ask to take his picture with their children!" Nancy