Super Good Puppy


Teach That Dog

If you can calm your puppy, she will be more comfortable when handling her ears, paws and mouth. The settle command will help you with that. The take and give commands teach your pup when to take an object or food from you and when to give it back.
Take a stroll through your favorite pet supply store to get the essentials you need for your new puppy. Pat gives you ideas on leashes, collars, food, toys, grooming supplies and more.
This is the full-blown Call-to-Come command for your puppy: inside, outside and call-to-come game. First, learn the call-to-come inside to control the environment. Then when your pup has mastered it, move to a secure outside area to train. To make it fun, play the Call-to-Come game.
The go around command teaches your pup to go around you and get on your left side.
The Leave It and Take It command teaches your puppy to ignore an object or food unless he has permission from you.
The Let's Go is a casual way to get your pup by your side when walking. It's not as strict as the Heel command, so it's very easy to learn.
When you go for a walk with your pup, if he drags you all over the place, it's not going to be very pleasurable. You can solve your puppy's pulling and tugging tendencies by using these 6 solutions.
It works really well to group these commands together. It expedites your pup's training.
Teach your puppy to wait for permission to go out of a door, a car, or his crate.