“We love Patti and all she has taught us. Oliver is becoming a well behaved puppy. We look forward to taking more classes with Patti. She is enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.”
Olive & Holly

Patti Joiner

Your Super Dooper Dog Trainer

Patti Joiner is the 'Patti' of the 'Pat & Patti' of Super Dooper Dog Training team. She's such a people-person and we all know that dog training is really people training. Her strengths as a trainer are obvious and her goal as your trainer to help you get exactly what you want out of your relationship with your pup and dog whether it be simply a good family dog, therapy dog or fun adventure companion.


Patti has always spent her life with dogs but never imagined she would become a professional dog trainer until Pat suggested it. "I knew she was going to be a dog trainer long before she did," Pat says, "and, that's why I started mentoring her, inviting her to help teach classes with me and then gave her the freedom to run her own classes for me in her own way and she's magnificent. Her students adore her."

Patti's dad instilled in her the skills to be a confident and consistent pack leader for their canine family members something she passes down to her students.

Patti is a busy mom to her daughter Alyssa (who they affectionately call the 'Super Dooper Assistant Trainer') and her husband Josh's daughter Mataya as well as a mom to four dogs and one adorable kitten. She brings to her teaching empathy and experience.

All four of her dogs have such different personalities and training needs which helps Patti understand the complexity of finding what style works best for Super Dooper Dog Training clients. She's also become quite the expert in canine nutrition due to her dog Jimmy's sensitivity to various foods and helping raise her rescue kitty Remi.

She's creative, vibrant and 'all in' for you as a teacher, trainer, coach and guide. She's Super Dooper!