"Oh yes, bonding is the heart of owning your dog."


If you know me then you know everything I do at Super Dooper Dog Training is about relationship. Bond. Love. Trust. Friendship. Guidance. Calm-Cool-Quiet-Confident Pack Leadership.

Last week, I was sitting by the fire on a snowy afternoon here in Park City and out of curiosity; I grabbed this old book that’s been on our bookshelf for years. It’s so old that it’s probably out of print by now, though I hope not. It’s called, The Ultimate Guide to Dog Training, by Matthew “Uncle Matty” Margolis, published in 1997.

Remember “Uncle Matty”? In the ‘90s, he had his own dog training TV series, filmed out in California where he was known as the Trainer to the Hollywood Stars. Sound familiar? I wasn’t even a dog trainer back then, I was still in the car business, but I loved watching his shows. Maybe, he was one of the sparks to becoming the dog trainer I am today.

Uncle Matty was a true Maverick. In this book, he devotes a whole chapter on the subject of Friendship. Listen gang, back in 1997, hardly anyone was using terms like friendship and trust and bonding… 

Enjoy reading his opening lines in this chapter…

I’m always asked what the most important part of owning a dog is. And those who ask always add to the question, “It is dog training, isn’t it?”

I always answer by saying that training is not the most important thing. Bonding is more important. Oh yes, bonding is the heart of owning your dog.

My word is my bond. Actually my dog is my bond. If you like, you can refer to me as a bond salesman.

I can play these word games all day because the subject is as important as it is enjoyable.

To bond with your dog is to create a relationship with him based on the friendship, love, caring and trust that make living with a dog so incredible. 

I have bonded with every dog I have ever trained since I learned of the concept

I believe bonding with your dog is the most important thing you can do, especially as a preparation for obedience training.
 If you bond with your dog, you will have the best relationship possible and training will be as much fun as it is successful.

A dog is going to be your responsibility, like a child, for the next fifteen or so years, and what you do now is going to decide what kind of dog you’re going to have for the rest of your lives together. Everything you do to create the bond is crucial.

Thank you Uncle Matty… well said. No wonder I kept this book!