"THIS is it. THIS is what make my heart full."


-Patti Joiner

Having a relationship with a dog was always like spiritual feeling to me.  You can’t measure that in any form and it’s hard to have something to validate those feelings that people can see.

Training the way we do is effectively communicating with another living, breathing thing without using any words. It’s a way to express my passion for these animals and for others to see those deep rooted feelings I have inside being displayed on the outside. 

I very much consider it a gift from above and believe that I owe it back to God to help others communicate with their dogs and for both owner and canine to have a better life TOGETHER.

You still can’t technically “measure” training, a lot won’t understand it, and I definitely don’t have the words to say it.  But when I see a dog that I have helped do something - whether it be over coming a fear of an obstacle, a new trick, or even a puppy learning the basics- I think to myself “THIS is it. THIS is what makes my heart full. THIS is why I am a dog trainer!”