Super Dooper Adventures Classes

Super Dooper Fun!


What is Super Dooper Adventures?


What ISN'T Super Dooper Adventures??  Pat and Patti both firmly believe that by simply just doing more with your dog, it creates a deeper bond and a happier, healthier pup!  But where to start?? 

The world of dog sports can be a bit intimidating and just not practical time wise for the average family.   The goal of Super Dooper Adventures is to help you get creative and have fun with your dog in ways you can replicate at home. You can expect Agility, basic nose work, Square Dancing (yep, you read that right!), FlyBall and puzzles for problem solving.  In warmer weather, we also do "Swim & SUP & SUP" classes where we go over to Lake Lanier, swim with our dogs, teach them to Stand-up Paddleboard and finish with dinner at our favorite dog-friendly, lakeside place, FishTails Restaurant.   Have you ever gotten your dog up on a paddle board? You will now!  

  • Dogs jump through hoops, weave through poles and dash through tunnels
  • Owners play the “Call-to-Come Game” off-leash and from a distance
  • Dogs learn to bow, dance, twirl-n-spin and play dead
  • Owners practice commands like sit-stays and down-stays off-leash and from long distances
  • Dogs walk nicely by-your-side with a loose leash and off-leash, too
  • We may do Doggie Olympics and Square Dancin’
  • Treibball, too, which is all the new rage in dog training sports

We take lots of photos of you in class. Students love these photos for their dog’s scrapbook and sharing with family and friends.

is there a prerequisite?


Your dog must have a basic obedience and good manners foundation (either from training classes or do-it-yourself home training). This is a perfect follow-up series for graduates of our Super Good Manners classes or classes from other training facilities.

how big is the class?


Just right, not too large and not too small. We focus on quality students not quantity so we keep class sizes small and this works well. Normal class sizes range from 2-6 canine students and their human families.

how much and how long are the agility classes?

We run our Super Dooper Adventures class in two ways: as a drop-in class or as a 4-week class that meets 2-hours weekly.